The Integrator C Series multi-range interval price computing scales are designed for any business that sells product by the weight. It is packed with features that make life simple. Whether you operate a coffee shop, a deli, a candy shop, seasonal market, movie theatre or a slew of supermarkets, this scale will support your requirements and assist you in being more profitable.

Pan Size: 
• All models: 343 mm x 241 mm / 13.5" x 9.5"

• USB and RS232 connects to computers for PLU data management
• Programmable barcode
• 80 character ingredients field per PLU
• Prepack function comes standard
• Easy to use, to train and to program with intuitive Kilotech software
• Flexible bar codes in many languages
• Multiple date formats for USA / Canada (CFIA compliant)
• Display is visible in direct sunlight, under fluorescent lights or in dim lighting
• Automatically adjusts to needed graduation and capacity
• 12 hour rechargeable battery

Measurement Canada Approvals: 
• #AM-5987