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Service Calibrations 

Traceable back-up and periodic calibration service

Meeting HACCP, SQF, SOLAS, USFDA, Health Canada, ISO, MAPC and USP standards and requirements, our periodic traceable calibration services for scales and weights ensure the accuracy of your weighing instruments and the compliance of your quality program.

Our sales representatives are familiar with the quality and traceability standards in place in the various sectors of activity and will be able to meet all your needs, from industrial floor scales to high-precision production or laboratory scales.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all your repairs, service contracts, calibrations, purchases of scales, printers, weights, indicators, software, etc., or for any other request or request for information. .

For info or an appointment, communicate by phone at 514-335-9640, by email at or by clicking on ‘contact us’ to access the online contact form.

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