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Kilotech KHA Precision Scale

A series of versatile scales offering high accuracy at a reasonable price. Fast microprocessor calculation and digital filtering are the secrets of maximum performance and stability. The unidirectional RS-232 interface allows them to be connected to various peripherals and the backlit display allows working in dim light.


Instructions Manual

Product Details

Capacity and Accuracy:

  • 200g x 0.001g
  • 1,000g x 0.01g
  • 1,200g x 0.1g
  • 5,000g x 0.1g

Dimensions of the board:

  • Model KHA-203R, KHA-1000R: Ø 118 mm / Ø 4.6″
  • Model KHA-1201R, KHA-5001R: 175mm x 175mm / 6.9″ x 6.9″


  • Measurement in g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, cnt and also in ct for the KHA 0.01 g model
  • Fitted with a spirit level and the feet are adjustable
  • Unidirectional 9-pin RS232 serial interface transfers printable data at 300-9600 baud
  • Power supply: 120 VAC (6 VDC adapter included or 4 x 1.5 VDC batteries not included)
  • External calibration, brushed stainless steel pan and adapter
  • Counting function
  • Operating temperature: 10ºC – 35ºC


  • 1 year

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