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MSI-3460 Challenger 3 Crane Scale

The MSI-3460 with ScaleCore offers the weighing functionality of its previous designs and more. Long-distance visibility is enhanced with an ultra-bright 1.5-inch (38 millimeter) LED digital display and resolution settings of up to 10,000 divisions for 0.1% loading accuracy. Product run time is extended to over 80 hours with a single six-volt rechargeable battery. The Challenger has been upgraded to NEMA Type 4 / IP65 levels. Manufactured in the USA to the highest safety standards, the Challenger continues to support 200% minimum safe load ratings and 500% maximum load rating.



Product Details

Capacity and Accuracy:

  • 125kg x 0.05kg / 250lb x 0.1lb
  • 250kg x 0.1kg / 500lbs x 0.2lbs
  • 1,000 kg x 0.5 kg / 2,000 lb x 1 lb
  • 2,500kg x 1kg / 5,000lbs x 2lbs
  • 5,000kg x 2kg / 10,000lbs x 5lbs
  • 7,500kg x 2kg / 15,000lbs x 5lbs


  • Five-digit, 38-inch LED display
  • Upper lifting eye and lower swivel hook
  • Lb/kg switch selectable
  • Six-volt rechargeable battery and 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz universal battery charger (standard NA plug)
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI, ASME and other safety standards (5:1 Ultimate Safety Factor)

Additional options:

  • Robust remote control (control for on/off, zeroing, taring and other functions)
  • Installation of an RF modem for connectivity to the MSI-8000 or MSI-8000HD RF remote display (100 ft line of sight)
  • RF Scoreboard
  • NTEP certified (250 lb to 10,000 lb capacities)
  • Universal direct power supply (115/230 VAC)
  • Audible alarm
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® communications (additional use with MSI-ScaleCore Connect (downloadable from Google Play Store))
  • Potential receivers: MSI-8000, MSI-8000HD RF, MSI-8004HD RF, TranSend, LaserLight2

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