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Ohaux MB27 Desiccator

The new OHAUS MB27 Basic Moisture Analyzer combines high-quality, durable construction with a compact, sleek design. The MB27 provides reliable and accurate results for a wide variety of moisture analysis applications. With a large 90g capacity, it is ideal for food, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical and other applications requiring measurements down to 0.01% 0.001g.


Instructions Manual

Product Details


  • 90g with 0.01% / 0.001g accuracy


  • Applications: Percent Moisture Determination, Percent Solid Determination, Weighing
  • LCD display
  • Power cord (included)
  • RS232 (included)
  • Halogen heat source, ABS housing, metal tray support, metal tray handling device, cover in use
  • 3 switch-off criteria (manual, timed or automatic), 1 standard heating profile, heating range from 50°C to 160°C (5°C increments)
  • Compact footprint (17cm x 14cm x 28cm)
  • Easy-to-clean heating chamber is ideal for frequent use and low-cost maintenance

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