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Themis QTP Price computing Scale

Measurements Canada and NTEP approved at 6000 divisions, the Themis-BP QTP offers twice the accuracy of conventional price computing scales.

Versatile and easy to operate, they are designed for uses ranging from small delis, cheese and specialty shops to restaurants, fruit, vegetable or bulk stores.

Their standard 6 volt internal rechargeable battery and removable plastic dust and splash cover make them ideal for use in outdoor food markets and stalls

Regular price: $645.00    Sale price: $545.00

Measurements Canada Legal for trade certification : $150.00 

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Product Details

Themis-BP QTP price computing scales

QTP-6030 kg0.005 kg (5 g)230 x 300 mm
QTP-3012 kg0.002 kg (2 g)230 x 300 mm

• Standard  9” x12” inch stainless steel pan
• Molded plastic splash/dust cover
• Optional fruit or fish pan
• 20mm front and rear LCD displays showing Net Weight, $ per Unit and Total $
• 20 key membrane keyboard
• ABS plastic housing
• AC adapter 12V/500mA, built-in rechargeable battery (6V/4Ah)
• Measurements Canada, NTEP, and OIML approved at 6000 divisions
• Battery provides up to 70 hours of continuous use (without backlight)

1. Weighing unit conversion KG to LB 2. Tare 3. 100g, 1/4lb, and 1/2lb pricing keys 4. 10 Indirect saved PLUs 5. Auto unit clear price




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