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User friendly technology to unlock the full potential of your business!
• Inventory management has never been easier and more profitable with enhanced reporting functions and trace reports
• Quick and easy data import and export
• Multilingual information management settings
• Easy software settings

Tailored labels for your needs
Whether you need to display nutrition facts, allergen details, or custom data, the TI-30 offers a range of label options that adapt seamlessly to your product information length
• Continuous labels automatically adjust to fit each product’s information, reducing wasted labels. The TI-30 allows you to select from standard label sizes, continuous labels, or switch between them effortlessly
• Choose from standard label sizes or create your own, simplifying inventory management like never before

Plug and Play Package (included):
Receive your scale ready to use with our Plug and Play option. Option includes initial label format programming with logo when desired, product upload to scale via excel, remote management software installation, network configuration, and user training.

ModelRange 1Range 2Dimensions
TI3015 kg x 5 g
30 lb x 0.01 lb
30 kg x 10 g
60 lb x 0.02 lb
280 x 385 mm / 11” x 15.2”


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Product Details

• Multi-interval weighing
• kb, lb weighing modes; $/kg, $/100g, $/lb pricing units
• 10.1″ LCD color resistive touch screen for the operator (1280 x 800)
• 10.1” LCD color customer display (1280 x 800)
• AC100~240V 50/60 HZ adapter
• Ports: 2 x USB 2.0 / 2 x RS232 / 1 x RJ45 for ethernet / 1 x RJ11
• ABS housing, aluminum frame and subframe, stainless steel platter
• Other features: Autozero Tracking, Programmable TARE, Standby, Sleep Mode, PLU

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