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Rice Lake RL-350-5 Wheelchair Scale

The Rice Lake 350-5 Single Ramp Bariatric Wheelchair Scale provides accurate, high-capacity weighing for patients who cannot be transported to a scale. With a 34 inch ladder base with a single ramp, wheelchairs can easily be moved up the ladder. Keyboard tare reduces errors and increases efficiency. For added safety, this scale features a non-slip rubber surface and raised edges on the weighing platform.



Product Details

Platform dimensions:

  • RL-350-5 model: 86.4cm x 86.4cm / 34″ x 34″


  • Single ramp for access
  • Built-in handles and wheels for easy transport
  • Wide and stable base
  • LCD screen
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) function
  • Hold function
  • Ability to manually enter the empty weight of additional items, such as a wheelchair or oxygen tank
  • Units of measure: lb only, kg only, lb/kg
  • Motiontrap™ motion compensation technology
  • EHR
  • 10 foot cable between scale base and indicator

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