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Rice Lake Versa Portion Scale

This rigid stainless steel model is perfect for restaurants or the specific needs of hygienic medical environments. With IP68 protection, splashes and spills are no problem. A removable stainless steel cover allows you to easily wipe down the exterior for a clean and hygienic surface. Its LED display is easy to read in dimly lit rooms and the keypad has four easy-to-use keys. Switch between ounces, pounds and grams. Tare a product or container to half the total capacity of the scale. By adding an optional battery, the Versa-portion provides up to 60 hours of continuous mobile use, adding convenience and portability to your weighing and portioning tasks.


Instructions Manual

Product Details

Capacity and Accuracy:

  • 3kg x 1g / 6lb x 0.002lb
  • 6kg x 2g / 15lb x 0.005lb
  • 15kg x 5g / 30lb x 0.01lb
  • 30kg x 10g / 60lb x 0.02lb

Dimensions of the board:

  • 237mm x 198mm / 9.3″ x 7.8″


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Water and dust resistant – IP68
  • Stainless steel finish with an ABS plastic base
  • Removable weighing pan
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • LED display
  • Legal for trade
  • Power adapter included
  • HACCP Compliant


  • 1 year

Measurement Canada:

  • #AM-5794

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