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Astrea QHW Precision Legal Scale

Astrea QHW Series legal-for-trade precision scales are an ideal solution for commercial weighing of high-value products.

QHWs are multifunctional scales designed for wholesale, retail or industrial use. Approved by Measurement Canada at 6,000 divisions with 1 g, 2 g and 5 g readings, their large 9” x 12” pan allows the weighing, with precision, of large quantities of products.

Its many applications include catch-weight transactional weighing, checkweighing of standard quantity products, counting and accumulation.

Ideal for weighing requiring precision in industrial, food and beverage, or general retail use.

Legal for Trade Capacity and Accuracy (AM-6149):
• QHW-12-M: 6kg x 1g / 12 lbs x 0.002 lbs
• QHW-30-M: 12kg x 2g / 25 lbs x 0.005 lbs
• QHW-60-M: 30kg x 5g / 60 lbs x 0.01 lbs

Also available in a high-accuracy version (0.1 g to 0.2 g reading) for industrial and production use, the Astrea QHW series is an economical and reliable solution for all precision weighing applications.

Capacity and Accuracy:
• QHW-15K: 15kg x 0.1g
• QHW-30K: 30kg x 0.2g

Click here to find the high precision version product page,

Dimensions of the board:
• 230 x 300mm / 9.1 x 11.8″


Technical Sheet
Instructions Manual (FR)
Instructions Manual (EN)

Product Details

• LCD display, digit at 24 mm with white LED backlight
• Removable splash-proof protective plastic
• 7-key membrane keyboard
• Measurement units: kg, g, lbs, oz, c, and many more
• ABS plastic housing
• Adapter (12V / 500mA), internal rechargeable battery (6V / 4Ah), charge up to 70 hours (without backlight)
• Optional RS-232 interface on request
• Application: weighing, percentage, counting, accumulation, weighing unit conversion
• Checkweighing – user can set high/low limit for weighing, counting, or percentage)


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