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A&D EJ Newton Analytical Scale

Affordable and built to last, EJ Series scales are used in many settings: industrial, pharmaceutical, education. With thousands of balances in laboratories and production facilities around the world, the EJ Series provides years of reliable weighing performance and is backed by the A & 5 year old D, the best in the sector.



Product Details

Dimensions of the tray:

  • EJ-123, EJ-303 models: Ø 110 mm / Ø 4.3″


  • 5 buttons to change unit, zero/tare, print and set sample parts
  • User-friendly indicators: Stability icon, Zero & Crisp, front level bubble, 16mm backlit LCD display, battery life icon
  • Stainless steel tray
  • ABS plastic housing and security slot for locking capability
  • AC/battery operation versatility lends itself to easy portability and storage
  • Optimize counting accuracy with “ACAI” which automatically improves accuracy
  • Avoid registering escapes with hold functions
  • Reduce the risk of errors in sample preparation steps with the M+ function
  • External calibration switch and acceleration of gravity correction
  • Antistatic windshield


  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Interface plug-ins for RS-232C and USB (unidirectional) communication
  • Weighing under hook and density determination kit

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