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Rice Lake RL9000TWM Weigh Module

The RL9000TWM series stainless steel weigh module is ideal for use in tank, hopper, container and many other applications. The low profile design offers economical solutions in a competitive market. Its sturdy, high-precision bracket is designed for easy installation and does not require retaining rods or other stabilizing hardware. Stainless steel construction and welded seam provide additional protection in washdown areas.



Product Details


  • 1,000 lbs-450,000 lbs


  • Very discreet design
  • 3mV/V output
  • Self-centering
  • Self-controlled assembly
  • Offers 100% side load, 100% heave and 150% static safe load and 300% ultimate static overload protection
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Welded joint
  • Accurately weighs up to 3° non-parallel load
  • Includes 25 foot load cell cable

Complete kit includes:

  • One JB4SS NEMA Type 4X Stainless Steel Signal Trim Junction Box
  • Three or four stainless steel mounting assemblies
  • 25 feet of our EL147HE SURVIVOR® Harsh Environment Load Cell Cable

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