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Doran 7000XL Digital Indicator

It’s no mystery why so many people turn to the Doran 7000XL for their weighing applications. From data entry in a factory to a simple scale at a bakery, the 7000XL is adaptable to your specific needs. Built to withstand the toughest environments, the rugged, waterproof Guardian touch panel resists moisture and puncture damage. The large bright red LED display is easy to read.


Instructions Manual

Product Details


  • Various data communication options including wired Ethernet, WiFi, USB, Bluetooth or 4-20mA
  • Optional internal rechargeable battery provides up to 60 hours of continuous use
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Protection against washing IP69K
  • 0.8″ high 6-digit bright red LED display
  • Robust touch screen with ZERO, UNITS and PRINT commands
  • Units of measure: lb, kg, oz, g or lb: oz
  • Legal for trade in the United States and Canada
  • Dimension configuration software
  • Programmable custom data strings

Measurement Canada:

  • #AM-5347 (10,000d)


  • 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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