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Rice Lake MotoWeigh IMW-HD Checkweigher

The MotoWeigh IMW-HD delivers industrial power with uncompromising precision. Its bending base design improves the system’s structural strength, stability and weight reading accuracy, and ability to adapt to application requirements. Due to the flex base, the edges and corners are the strongest areas of the scale, ideal for in-motion weighing where loads are applied to one edge of the scale and moved to the other. Due to its rigidity and structural integrity, it has the ability to mechanically filter out high frequency vibrations and sudden impacts before they reach the load cell and distort the weight reading.



Product Details

The MotoWeigh IMW-HD is designed to be easily configurable to meet pre-existing process flows. The control panel, display and feed direction are easily reversed or rearranged for easy installation into a pre-existing conveyor line.

Available with an industrial powder coated mild steel frame, the MotoWeigh IMW-HD is designed for industrial applications. As an option for non-direct food contact applications, the MotoWeigh IMW-HD is also available in NEMA Type 4X 304 stainless steel construction.

Featuring multiple control panel options, operators are equipped with the functionality needed for process requirements. Control panel options include lockout/tagout switch, variable frequency drive (VFD) for speed control, relay controls for lights and start/stop, terminal blocks, etc.

The MotoWeigh IMW-HD weighs containers up to 200 pounds with resolution up to 0.05 pounds (depending on system and scale capacity). The system is ideal for applications weighing boxes, bags, trays, tubs, cups, pails, bins and other types of industrial products.

The benefits of MotoWeigh are as limitless as your business potential. Contact Les Balances Papp to find out more about what MotoWeigh can do for you. We help design a system as unique as your application, tailored to the specific requirements of each environment, wet or dry.

See attachments for a full list of features, specifications and options.

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