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Drum Bunny M6300 Scale

The Drum Bunny is an ideal mobile solution for drum weighers that require frequent assessment for accurate filling/inventory and moving from location to location. With the Drum Bunny, you simply place the barrel/cylinder or container on the weighing platform to weigh it while enjoying the added efficiency of moving it to the desired location. The Drum Bunny’s unique low profile platform and three load cell design allow it to adapt to uneven floors without the need to unload/reset/reload. The design also provides superior accuracy, avoids the tedious setup of traditional four-point scales, and eliminates the need to calibrate the scale multiple times.

Capacity and Accuracy:
• 500kg x 0.1kg / 1,000lbs x 0.2lbs

Platform Diameter:
• 24″ / 61cm



Product Details

• Portable digital indicator included
• Rechargeable power supply / universal micro USB connection
• Folding handle for shipping
• T-handle and rubber grips
• Uses the EXP indicator of your choice (models 7400, 7500, 7600)
• Delivered pre-calibrated and ready to use
• Mild steel / powder coated finish
• Load cells: (3) environmentally sealed
• (2) fixed and (I) heavy-duty swivel casters with locking
• Designed to be moved with or without a load in place

• 2 year limited warranty

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