Now producers of every size can automate their processes and achieve more, thanks to MotoWeigh In-Motion Checkweigher and Conveyor Systems. Harness a range of MotoWeigh components and accessories and you’ll not only automate, but improve nearly every facet of your operation.

MotoWeigh is helping producers tighten target weights, loosen profit margins, and improve quality and customer satisfaction with options like bar code readers and metal detection systems. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll discover when MotoWeigh gives your business a much needed edge over the competition.

The advantages of MotoWeigh are as limitless as your business’s potential. Contact Les Balances Papp to learn more about what MotoWeigh can do for you. We help design a system as unique as your application, customized to the specific demands of each environment, wet or dry.

See attachments for a comprehensive list of features, specifications, and options.