Meeting HACCP, SQF, ISO, SOLAS, USFDA, NFS, CFIA, and Health Canada standards, our periodical traceable calibration service assure the accuracy of your weighing equipment and conformity of your quality standards programs.

Our service contracts (equipment maintenance) will ensure the performance and accuracy of your weighing devices, and full compliance with all industry regulations. 

Our sales representatives are well-acquainted with quality and traceability regulations in all activity sectors and will satisfy your reuirements, from fllor scales and industrial printers to the most precise laboratory balances, while certifying your weights. 

We also provide scale rental services. 

Please contact us for all your repairs, service contracts, calibrations, and purchases of scales, printers, indicators, software, etc, or for any other request or information. 

When it comes to service... we always find a weigh!