A&D Analytical Balances

HR Series analytical balances provide high-end features and performance. These analytical balances provide advanced resolution, are easy to use and calibrate.

The only manufacturer that offers a 5 years warranty on all his laboratory balances.

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Static electricity can have a negative influence on the accuracy of readings in highly precise analytical balances. A&D has developed a static-proof system providing consistently accurate readings. Large removable breeze break with antistatic coating.

GLP-GMP-GCP-ISO standards and compliant output.

Automatic or manual full digital calibration.

Five year warranty.

Available in eight models (external calibration with the HR-A series and internal calibration with the HR-AZ series).

Capacity: 102 g to 252 g.

Resolution to 0.1mg.

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PDF: http://www.andweighing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/brochures/balances/HR-catalog_0105.pdf

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