Kilotech Mechanical Bench/Platform Beam Scales

Legal for trade precision mechanical platform scales with Kilotech's built-in quality standards. Used in chemical and paint plants, shipping & receiving docks, fishing plants.

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Ideal wherever harsh conditions and volatile elements require a rugged mechanical device. Hard wearing finish, tough cast iron construction, and rust resistant brass beam will ensure years of trouble free maintenance. Visual accuracy is assured with metric reading (kg) on one side of the beam and avoirdupoids (lb) on the other. Models are equipped with easy rolling cast wheels for greater mobility. Sturdy, removable back rack protects the scale and helps keep parcels from toppling over. Large platform will handle a wide variety of package sizes.

Capacity : 300 kg / 600 lb.

Readability: 100 g / 4 oz.

Legal for trade: AM-5648.

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